Roxtec Product Animations

We at Istudios Visuals got the great oppertunity to create two product animations for Roxtec  ( Roxtec produces sealing solutions for pipe and cabel penetrations. The task was to create two animations for applications in a telecom environment and another in an production environment.


We decided to produce the animations almost entirely in Blender. We started of with drawings to creat the animatics and then started modelling everything up in Blender.

We used freeCAD ( to convert the CAD-drawings from what Roxtec supplied to as .stp files to .obj files. Then we could edit and texture them in Blender.

We worked in a team of two where we got great use of Blenders libary function to be able to work on the same scene at the same time.

We also had great help from blendswap and albimacs factory :


We then rendered out everything in passes and comped them together in Afterfx.




We started of with this animatic.

Heres the OpenGL render, as you can see there has been some changes from the animatic.

And after some more final changes this was the result.




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