Rewind the Unwind

Everyone loves, when old clients reach out back to the agency, seeking to collaborate with new briefs.
For about little less then five years ago, Mårten contacted us regarding a production for a music video for him and he’s awesome band.
We like it, we got it, we produced it.
Today Mårten is successfully pulling big strings @Diamond productions.
They are the brains behind the wonderful concept of UNWIND FESTIVAL.
A Three-day summer house festival, located about two hours north west of Stockholm.
Top quality artists, exclusive management and service in an perfect environment, with availability for silver and gold V.I.P. tickets.
Sounds attractive? – It is !
Mårten delivered an Interesting name with a strong concept that soon would be reality.
All he needed at this point was a visual Identity and a revealing video, and he knew exactly who to contact!
We were super exited about this and wanted to start working as soon as possible.
During this period we also had our Hyper Island intern with us, who quickly saw the steps needed for a great collaboration with the client.
He suggested a different brainstorm session then we usually have, and we were exited about it.
The brainstorm session lasted for about two hours, and generated some very effective results.
We also had some other ideas that perhaps wasn’t as good as the best ones, never the less, it gave us tons of fun and laughter.
Here are some of the ”funnier” ideas from the brainstorm session that did NOT make it in to the highly valuable category.
”Naked girl in the woods/room – Unwind pattern all over her body with artists on specific body parts”
”Artists = Planets and they helped us not to collide”
”Logotype – After the festival”
”Veins made out of cables, wrists in the woods”
”Babies running around, (falling), in the woods”
”Female body parts, Sliced up in a cabin – representing the artists ”
After a couple of days and some more discussion, @ChinaQwhite
wanted us to present our ideas in a slightly different way then usual.
So we sent not one, but three stunning PDF´s to the client and gave them the weekend to have a look and hopefully bring us some feedback.
The following Monday was filled with happy feelings from the client, which increased our already strong motivation for the project.
During the Skype meeting with the client, it appeared clear to us which idea they wanted us to proceed with.
Love and celebration was in the air.
This energy was instantly put down to hard work and resulted in a slick graphical manual for the client.
@_opes did all the amazing work with the symbol, logotype and patterns, while @ChinaQwhite created a high class seamless manual with crucial values and a matching design.
And Voilá! We’re done with our Visual Identity for Unwind festival.
But it didn’t stop here.
We drew a quick wireframe concept for their homepage which is currently under construction.
And after two more brainstorm sessions, and a whole day of struggling about which direction to go, considering the video,
@_ica came in at the last hour with his Iron fist and told us what direction to go and that we need to start working.
Two weeks later we where done with the video for the revealing of the festival and presented perhaps the greatest reason to party this year !
Storyboard : (pssst… click on image for more fun!)
Enjoy the video!
And we´re hoping to see you @Unwind Festival 4 – 6 Juni Kärrgruvan.
/ Istudios Visuals.


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